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Irving Custom Banners


At Irving Signs & Wraps we create indoor and outdoor display banners to promote your Irving business or special event. Banners are the best way to advertise your products or promote your business at corporate events, conferences, trade shows, sports venues, and concerts. They are lightweight, easy to assemble and portable, which makes it an ideal and convenient solution for your on-the-go marketing needs.

Large Format Indoor BannersWhether you are looking for custom tradeshow banners, outdoor event banners, or branded advertising display banners, our dedicated team at Irving Signs & Wraps will help you create the perfect banner for your unique requirements. Our comprehensive service includes every stage of the banner creation process from initial consultation to the final delivery of attractive, attention-grabbing banners to convey your unique message. All our banners are manufactured using only the best quality materials and expert craftsmanship.

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Promotional Banners

Promotional Sale BannerOne of the most common uses for banners is for promotional purposes. They are highly visible, easily transported, and can be erected in almost any area where they will be most noticed. Banners serve to attract visitors to your location, direct traffic to an event, or impart important information about your company, products, or event.

Indoor hanging banners and retractable banners are most popular for indoor venues such as trade shows, conferences, and benefit concerts. For outdoor events more durable materials such as vinyl can be used.

At Irving Signs & Wraps we understand the importance of communicating your message in a professional way in order to accomplish your business goals and that is why we create marketing materials of a high standard that will clearly reflect your corporate image. As a local Irving business signage company, we strive to always ensure that the advertising and promotional materials we use are of the highest quality in order to achieve the best results for our clients.

Banner Support Structure

Promotional Banner FlagsBanners need some form of a support structure and the type of support will depend on how and where you would like your display to appear. There are different types of support structures available such as grommets which is a type of in-built hanging mechanism, or a banner stand which serves an external support. In some cases, a banner may require both an internal and external support structure to safely anchor it. At the initial consultation with one of our banner manufacturing experts the intended use and placement of your banners will be discussed to determine whether any structural modification will need to be done. There are multiple options available to display your banner in the best possible way and we will discuss these with you prior to commencing with fabrication. Our banner technicians will be happy to show you samples of different support structures and suitable materials.

Full-Service Sign Company

custom retractable bannersIrving Signs & Wraps is capable of handling all aspects of your signage and banner needs including design, sourcing materials, and manufacturing. Our Irving, TX team will demonstrate the proper assembly of your banners for quick and easy set-up at the venue. We also have a professional installation team to assist you with the installation of large-format or hanging banners. We would like you to have complete confidence in our ability and our willingness to assist you with anything you need to make your banner signage experience with us convenient and easy.

Free Expert Banner Consultation

Irving Signs & Wraps is your local Irving signage partner for the creation and manufacture of attractive, effective banners for your particular business needs. Whether you need a single, one-off banner, or a group of banners to display at a trade show or promotional event, when it comes to signage Irving Signs & Wraps is your first choice for quality and reliability.

Call Irving Signs & Wraps today at (972) 325-0922 for a Free Consultation with a Banner Expert!