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Commercial Building Signs
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Irving Commercial Building Signs


Your building storefront or façade is the first thing that potential clients and customers get to see about your Irving business.

At High Value Signs we make sure your first impression is nothing short of amazing!

Attractive and high-quality building signs can make your business stand out from the rest, allowing you to easily arouse more interest and ultimately more sales from consumers. It does not matter if you want to establish your brand using an attractive logo or want to attract more customers and clients using attractive promotional signs, we can help you to come up with the perfect building signs for your business!

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Finding The Right Sign For Your Building

Irving Commercial Building Signs building sign 300x200Different enterprises have different needs when it comes to building signs. Factors such as target audience, budget, competition, location and brand personality will all affect the type of signage you use for your building.

Our Irving, TX building sign experts will come in and do an on-site assessment of your building and recommend appropriate signage elements, processes and specific products that are best suited for you. We cover every aspect of custom signage making from initial assessment and consultation to installation, manufacturing, design, maintenance, repairs and even acquisition of special permits of special kinds of signage where required.

Types of Building Signs

Irving Commercial Building Signs wall sign 1 300x169There are a couple of building signs that our experts can quickly recommend. Depending on your type of business and location, we may recommend signs that match or complement other signs in the surrounding, or signs that contrast with the surrounding to help you stand out. Either way, we make sure that the sign we recommend is suitable for your business and its location.

All our signage products are custom made. This means that there is no chance that your business sign will look similar to that of another business even if they are both of the same signage type. By using special dimensional and channel letters, we make your sign specifically unique to your Irving building and business.

Channel Letters and Dimensional Signs

Irving Commercial Building Signs channel letter building storefront outdoor 300x205Our top recommended building signs are channel letters and dimensional signs. We highly recommend them because they are very versatile and the offer a wide range of customization options such as style, font and color. Dimensional and channel letters can be made up of individual numbers and letters, and even logos and shapes. These signs are popular among different types of businesses such as manufacturing facilities and retail stores because they offer a high level of customization and are durable as well. Channel letters have a transparent face and can include in-built lights for extra visibility. Dimensional letters on the other hand are cut from a sheet of acrylic or metal and can be backlit for extra visibility.

Lighted Signs

Irving Commercial Building Signs lighted sign 300x174Lighted signs make your business easily noticeable both during the day or night. Most building signs make use of backlighting or normal lighting for enhanced visibility. Cabinet signs usually have a light element while channel signs have backlighting. Lighted signs are suitable for business that stay open until late into the tile such as theatres, convenience stores, gas stations, bars and retail stores in order to enhance visibility from afar.

Projecting Signs, Blade Signs and Hanging Signs

Irving Commercial Building Signs barden projection building outdoor storefront sign 300x203Whichever name you prefer to call them, a blade, hanging or projecting sign, this is a sign that is straight up 90 degrees or perpendicular to your building as opposed to being horizontally placed on your business’s storefront. These signs can be made of custom materials like metal, wood or high density urethane foam and can also be in the form backlit cabinet signs. These signs are mostly used together with façade signage or as directional signs that help consumers to locate a specific store in a building, for example a lawyer’s office that is located above a restaurant.

Canopy and Awning Signs

Irving Commercial Building Signs storefront awning 4 300x179Awning signs kill two birds with one stone as they act as a storefront protector and business identifier at the same time. These signs are placed on a stretched piece of canvas material but can also be fitted to metal or fabric depending on the type of business. We advise business owners to choose materials that are durable and can withstand harsh outdoor elements for maximum lifespan. Awning signs are great for establishment that want to have a boutique fee such as open-air restaurant or hotel that needs some sort of canopy.

Free Building Sign Consultation

High Value Signs is happy to discuss about the best signage for your Irving business or building. We are well aware of the importance of having proper and attractive signage for better outreach to potential customers and clients. We are more than willing to help you out!

Call High Value Signs at (972) 325-0922 for your Free Consultation with a Building Signs Specialist!