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Irving Outdoor Signs & Exterior Signs


Irving Signs & Wraps creates the most eye-catching, innovative, and effective outdoor signs for businesses in Irving. We create exterior signage that highlights your business, church, school, group, or organization in a professional, brand-congruent way.

Storefront Signs account for 46% of Walk-In BusinessIf you are near the Irving, TX area, you have probably seen many examples of our outdoor signage without even knowing it. Our work is unique, professional, and clean. It is extremely important that your outdoor banners and storefront signs follow local codes and have appropriate permits. There are specific areas that we service that do not allow lighted signs. You don’t have to know if you fall in this area or not, as we handle everything. Our team will help take care of all of that so you don’t have to worry about wait times and filling out all of the paperwork.

Full-Service Exterior Sign Company

Custom Sign InstallationThe most effective exterior signs for businesses will bring attention to your company, highlighting what you want and giving your company name awareness. One of the easiest and most effective ways to do this is through storefront signage such as channel letter logo signs, window displays, pole signs, outdoor digital signs, and lighted exterior signs. Other popular exterior signs include yard signs, real estate signs, pole signs, and monument signs.

Storefront Signs

Storefront Sign Pizza Pasta & Vino Dallas, TXThe most popular exterior signs that we work on are storefront signs of all kinds. These signs announce your location to the world and draw in customers. The best signs will draw attention, explain who you are, and provide brand exposure. The sign you choose will depend on branding, personal taste, local permits, and your budget. As you narrow down your choice, we will advise you based our knowledge of the local area, trying to help you create a sign that is uniquely yours, whether you want something traditional or something out of the box. Once your sign is created, our professional sign installation team will make sure everything is operational and properly secured for safety.

Channel Letter Storefront Signs

Michael Kors Storefront Sign Channel Letter Sign BacklitOur most popular type of exterior signage, channel letter signs are a highly customizable way to promote your brand on your storefront. Channel letters consist of cut metal raised elements, such as logos, graphics, or text. You have complete control over the design, including sizes, colors, styles, and fonts, as well as your choice of lighting. We can even create custom channel images for your logo or other graphic elements you would like for your channel letter storefront sign.

These are different from neon signs, which we also offer, in that neon signs are lit up from within using glass bulbs filled with neon gas, whereas lighted storefront signs are backlit, typically by LED. We can advise you on the best sign options for your business, budget, and timeframe.

Canopy & Awning Signs

Irving Outdoor Signs & Exterior Signs gaspar awning sign 300x200Awning signs or canopy signs provide a unique entrance for smaller businesses, salons, and shopping centers desiring uniformity, or that want to create a boutique feel. Canopy signs not only provide business information in an attractive fashion, they also provide protection from the elements for your storefront and guests. Awning signs are constructed out of stretched canvas material, printed with your logo, business name, and any other information you would like. Our canopy signs are constructed from durable, long-lasting materials for a high-quality, professional storefront you will be proud to display.

Pole Signs

Pole Sign

Pole signs are a great way to make a big impact! Whether you are an individual business, shopping center, or business park, pole signs can help you to attract more traffic to your facility from long distances. These signs consist of a large, typically backlit cabinet sign attached to the top of a large pole. You often see these signs from the interstate or highways, alerting you to the presence of gas stations, restaurants, grocery stores, and more.

Exterior Signage

We are a complete exterior signage provider, with the facilities to create any components of outdoor signage you may need to promote your Irving business or organization.

Our other exterior signs include:


We assist with every component of outdoor signage, from your free consultation through installation and maintenance. It is our goal to create outstanding exterior signs that meet your needs for years to come.

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If you want a professional designed, manufactured, and installed outdoor sign, we want to be your first choice.

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